Check the capabilities of the app. We focus on simplicity and user experience.


Saved Replies

Save precious time and avoid the headache of having to repeat the same tasks. With saved replies, you won't have to type the same messages over and over. You can also save Rich Messages and custom content.

- Insert by keyboard shortcut
- Save custom content
- Save and reuse messages
- Save Rich Messages


Message Editor

Create the perfect message by using 3000+ emojis and by formatting the text with Slack-inspired markup syntax. Surprise your users with custom HTML messages, and attach media and files in just one click.

- Text formatting and markups
- Multiple attachments
- 3000+ emojis
- Custom HTML


Knowledge Base Articles

Provide faster help for customers and fewer questions for your agents with the integrated multilingual knowledge base. Create a help center area accessible from a dedicated page or within the chat in a few minutes.

- Dedicated articles page
- Categories
- Search articles widget
- Multilingual


Manage Conversations

Easily manage your conversations in one place with our user-friendly interface. Search for conversations, delete messages, view users’ online status and see when they are typing in real time.

- Delete messages
- Search for conversations
- Download conversations
 - Online and typing status


A Better Way to Connect with Customers

MacLiveChat offers a seamless user experience thanks to its beautiful design, performance, stability and innovative features – all of them built with the user in mind. Explore our features now.

Easy to try, easy to buy

MacLiveChat is very affordable as we believe that live chat should be accessible to any kind of user.

Requires macOS 10.14 or later versions. Optimized for Macs with Intel or Apple Silicon processors. The trial version is code-signed and notarized by Apple (service to detect malwares).